Do you want to become a member of Burkesville Baptist Church?

Are you interested in joining what God is doing in this body of believers?
We believe that by joining together through church membership, we find the community and accountability with one another that God calls us to experience through the local church

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Have questions about becoming a Christian or about our Church?  Please contact the church office to schedule a meeting with the pastor.


Upon making a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and following through with believers baptism.  

Join By Church Statement

Joining by way of statement from another church with like faith and baptism.


By moving your membership from another Baptist Church.  

It's time to get started.

Paul described the church as being a body of Christ, with many parts, and one head, Christ.  Like our human bodies, all of us have a specific function.  The body cannot function well without an arm or a toe.  Work cannot be done as easily if you're missing an arm, or a leg.  Every part has its function, and do you.  You have a function, or ministry, set aside for you here at Burkesville Baptist Church, that only you can fill.
Their are some expectations from members of the church.  To develop a personal prayer and Bible Study time.  This is essential to your spiritual development and growth.  To be active in attendance of the worship service, and Bible studies.  Also, to find and develop your spiritual gift, and use that spiritual gift as a part of the worship and ministries of Burkesville Baptist Church.  To be an active supporter of the church financially through your tithes and offerings, and to actively share your faith through personal witnessing to others of what Jesus Christ has done in your life.

Contact Us if you would like to become a member or have questions.

We'd love to hear from you.  A pastor will contact you to help answer any questions.